Business Energy Tune-Up

About Business Energy Tune-Up

The Business Energy Tune-up Program is designed based on the highly successful Home Energy Tune-up Program for residential property owners developed by the City of Fresno in 2009. Business Energy Tune-up provides business owners with a no-cost comprehensive analysis of their business energy use with a focus on opportunities to save energy and money. The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Level 1 or 2 energy audits provided by the program give the business owner accurate, independent information about how energy efficiency upgrades can lower operating costs and pay for themselves through energy savings.

Additionally, the program helps business owners understand how to:

  • Increase building occupancy and/or marketability through improved energy efficiency
  • Adapt to peak demand pricing and time variable pricing utility schedules
  • Qualify for numerous rebates and incentives, including an IRS 179D Energy Efficient Buildings deduction, up to $1.80/sq.-ft.
  • Reduce energy-related risks and lessen vulnerability to future mandates
  • Document the building’s reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and comply with future benchmarking requirements
  • Gain experience with AB 1103 / AB 758 benchmarking and compliance applications

Here are some of the most common energy-saving measures the Business Energy Tune-up Program will evaluate to help lower your energy costs and that are eligible for rebates, incentives, tax credits, or financing.

Improve the Building Envelope

  • Reduce envelope leakage and insulate bare equipment
  • Replace or repair roof with energy efficient materials
  • Upgrade windows (add window film or replace with new)

Perform Maintenance of Equipment

  • Ensure existing systems function properly
  • Clean and replace (as needed) equipment and filters
  • Tune-up equipment

Introduce Energy Management System

  • Install occupancy sensors
  • Installing Variable Frequency Drives and controls
  • Calibrate controls

Utilize High Efficiency Equipment

  • Lamps and/or ballasts
  • Office equipment
  • Space heating and cooling (HVAC)
  • Water heating